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Wether you know me as Gargouille, Volguen, Goulven G. Laruelle or you don't know me at all, I welcome anyone who likes to my musical universe. You will find commented songs and musical pieces of mine. However, I also want this website to be a cool place and welcoming place to share and exchange thoughts and ideas and passions beside only music. Therefore, I decided to introduce some of my other centers of interest such as card tricks, sword fighting or cooking and to add links to various other websites which might prove themself interesting for curious people. That's how this website became 'Music, Swords and Magic'. I also added a blog and a system of comments on most pages so that people can interact and say what they think so don't hold back!

Despite me being a dark and gloomy regular of role playing games, medieval sword fighting and heavy metal, this website is 100% skull free and full of colors (well, with respect to my standards at least - i.e. it's not black everywhere). I made this choice on purpose so that anyone can feel welcome here. Nevertheless, I can't repress my compulsions all the time and some stupid jokes, irony and 2nd degree content are hidden in some of those pages... All apologies, I can't help it. ^^
For a small taste of what makes me laugh, watch this or, for french people, voyez pluto.

Last thing, stealing or using without credit any material downloaded from this website might seriously make me freak out... So, think twice and contact me for any further information about this. Unless stated otherwise, all material present on this website is the property of Goulven G. Laruelle.

All similarities with actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental (or not).
No animal was hurt during the developpment of this website.

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